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I do finish painting - meaning careful, detailed, quality painting specifically for homes of character and historical buildings.

Quality Makes the Difference!

Free Estimates! Preparation! Relationships matter!

Your house may be the largest investment that you ever make. Naturally you want to take care of that investment. In addition to that, it is your home, a refuge from the business of everyday life. For these reasons you want to take care of your home and make your environment as attractive and as comfortable as you can for you and your family.

It may be true that anyone can pick up a paintbrush but it takes years of experience to produce the kind of quality results that an experience professional can get. See for yourself what a difference an experienced professional can make.

Preparation. I know from 42 years of experience that paint alone will never cover up rough uneven walls, chipping or blistering paint or nicks and holes in plaster no matter how many coats of paint are applied. I repair drywall, scrape and sand loose paint and uneven surfaces to ensure a smooth professional finish to your walls. I also buy our paint at professional discounts so I can provide the highest quality paint for the same price that you would pay for cheaper brands. Quality paint goes on faster, which saves on time and produces better results.

Free Estimates. I provide free written estimates, You will know how much the job is going to cost before it begins.

I'm not a student. I have 42 years of experience, I'm not learning how to paint on your house.

Our Guarantee

I guarantee that I will not paint a single square inch of wall that has not been properly prepared. If I've done something wrong I'll fix it. It's both as simple and as profound as that. I guarantee that you'll be happy with both the workmanship and the experience of working with me.

Johnny Frame

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Service Area

We service the greater West Niagara region including Jordan, Vineland, Grimsby, Beamsville, Smithville, West Lincoln township, Binbrook, Winona and Vineland.

Our History

My very first experience with painting came when, as a small lad, I found my Aunt Chris' lipstick tube. After covering my dad's new green wallpaper with the lush red colour I was hooked. My father had to tie me up with a skipping rope to keep from completing my masterpiece.

I remember my father, Doug Frame, painting Stanley Avenue Baptist church in Hamilton Ontario. He was a machinist who painted as a way to earn seem extra income. I used to watch him with fascination. Then I began helping him, eventually earning enough money to buy my first decent guitar.

Painting by Johnny was established in 2004. Since that time I've used colour to help many homeowners in the West Niagara Region to improve their enjoyment of their home environments. I've also had the opportunity to help restore many local, "Century Homes" and historical buildings like the Smithville Train Station and the Chatauqua style house in Grimsby Beach.

Only now I use much better materials than my first foray into this line of work :)

What our customers are saying…

  • We hired Johnny to paint our century home (the old Lounsbury farm). We were impressed with the interest he showed in our home, how meticulous he was with his prep work and the care he took to finish even the finest details. He did a beautiful job! We'd highly recommend him to anyone.

    Jason & Debra Bouwman

    Smithville, ON