Surface Prep & Drywall Repairs

There is a lot of preparation that needs to be done before any surface can be painted. Paint does not adhere well to dirt or oily surfaces so it is important to clean the walls before hand. First we’ll assess the condition of the surface to be painted. Unpainted walls will be primed before finish coats are applied. In the case of surfaces that have already been painted it is important to assess whether the original paint is latex or oil to prevent adhesion problems down the road.

I have experience in drywall and drywall repairs. Holes or dents in the wall surfaces must be addressed before applying paint. Any chipped or blistered paint needs to be scraped and sanded so the new paint has a solid surface to adhere to. A smooth clean surface ensures a smooth clean paint job. I promise to advise you on what measures will need to be taken to prepare the walls before the paint is applied.

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